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RSA Commemoratives

Aviation sheetlet.

RSA Postage Dues

SACC 58H / SG D63. 4c.


SACC 1170/3. ILSAPEX '98, Whales.


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Union of South Africa Stamps
Extensive stock of Union of South Africa. Hundreds of stamps, postage dues and officials. View our Single Items pages for more specialised items.
Republic of South Africa Stamps
Huge stocks of Republic items including Definitives, Commemoratives, Postage Dues and Booklets! Don't forget to view our Single Items pages for more specialised items.

South Africa became a country in its own right on 31st May 1910, made up from the four states; Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Orange Free State (later the Orange River Colony) and Transvaal.  Known as The Union of South Africa, this was a Dominion of the British Commonwealth.  On 31st May 1961 the country became The Republic of South Africa (RSA for short). To learn more read the Introduction to the Philately of South Africa and the Guide to the Philately of the Union of South Africa.


Union Stamps

SG17 1 green & red.

Union Postage Dues

SG D33. 3d.

Union Officials

SG O13d. 1d Type II.

Republic Definitives

SACC 216a/SG 217a. 10c emerald. 2008 - 2019, all rights reserved